Exclusive discounts

from premium provider for premium customers

The philosophy of VIPworld

VIPworld supports and is committed to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Switzerland.
Over 99% of all companies in Switzerland are SMEs .
Already over 70% of employees are employed in an SME.

What VIPworld offers consumers

Under the motto saving is the surest profit, our VIPworld private consumers receive the following benefits:

More than 100% profit guaranteed.
Personal advice on digital prices in many areas of life to reduce your costs. Like insurance, loans or mortgages.

Discounts on everyday products such as groceries or gasoline. Shop like the prosˋs.
Free participation in the monthly contest, with great prizes.

...be successful together!
For CHF 99.- Annually, you benefit from the first day of your membership.

What VIPworld offers SMEs

VIPworld is an association of small and medium enterprises for the increase of the turnover.

We offer the most cost-effective advertising platform in Switzerland thanks to pooling under VIPworld.ch for CHF 250.- in the first and CHF 500.- in the years to come.
Internet presence with own design option or linking to the already existing Internet platform.
Weekly promotions and product launches.
Thanks to the additional customer potential, thousands are already benefiting from your offers.

VIPworld SME members commit themselves to grant fair prices to private VIPworld consumers.

Simple, Ingenious, Fair

The name VIPworld.ch is program, your profit maximum, the benefit very high. 

After one year, if you wish to continue benefiting from the current discounts, you can simply renew your subscription. 

No automatic renewal.

All offers and discounts are clearly displayed in the customer area and can be presented to the partners.

They support Swiss VIPworld SMEs and thus secure jobs.

Your profit - VIPworld GmbH