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Brokerage mandate

The contracting authority (hereinafter referred to as the contracting entity)

issues the


VIPdrive AG, Langenthal branch, Schulhausstrasse 24, 4900 Langenthal


the following order:


  1. VIPdrive AG manages the existing insurance contracts of the client for a commission according to the agreement with the insurance companies.


  1. New contracts are to be placed at the best possible conditions with a licensed insurance company.


  1. The services of VIPdrive AG include, in particular, obtaining quotes and cover notes, preparing risk analyses, comparing quotes, insurance and premium overviews, drawing up insurance concepts and the continuous monitoring and control of all insurance contracts.


  1. VIPdrive AG continuously follow the product development on the insurance market. The client is informed about innovations and coverage options and premium adjustments that are expedient for him.


  1. The client is obligated to inform VIPdrive AG about operational risks, pre-insurances, risk increases and damage events and to provide all necessary documents.


  1. The Contractor shall assist the Client in the settlement of claims.


  1. The client remains the policyholder and debtor of the premiums. He signs legally binding documents himself. Only he can accept claims payments.


  1. The client authorizes VIPdrive AG to conduct all negotiations with the insurance companies, to represent him and to demand the necessary information.


  1. All correspondence between the insurance companies and the client is handled by the contractor.


  1. This contract is concluded for an indefinite period. It may be mutually terminated at the end of a calendar year subject to three months' notice.

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